KOA Kampstores

KOA Kampstores             

Every campground has a general store, called a Kampstore.  These stores are to support camper needs from household basics to limited food.  KOA does not have a standardized item selection and stock is determined by the individual campground. 

KOA Kampstore Information:

  • May have a limited season so do not stock merchandise throughout the year
  • May do a majority of their purchasing at KOA’s annual Expo or during the winter months
  • Do not have overstock areas and are interested in minimum order quantities
  • KOA Corporate does not have any distribution channels
  • Each campground owner is responsible for its own Kampstore management
  • Most Kampstores are also the registration area
  • We recommend all merchandise arrives with a UPC
  • Kampstores are allowed to sell merchandise with a KOA logo and campground name drop
    • Campground’s own their name and are able to include it as part of any design without corporate office approval.  Example “Sugarloaf Key / Key West KOA Holiday”

The KOA “teepee” logo is owned by Kampgrounds of America, Inc.  KOA campgrounds cannot authorize the use of the KOA logo in any design for print or digital media.  Approval must be done through KOA corporate office.  Additional information about KOA logo use may be requested.

We encourage campgrounds to maintain the below margins by merchandise category.

Item Category Avg Margin   Item Category Avg Margin
Alcohol 30%   Grocery (refrigerated) 28%
Apparel/Clothing 48%   Ice 50%
Bakery 23%   Magazines/Books 25%
Coffee – fresh 85%   Propane 30%
Consumable Basics 33%   RV/Camping Equipment 48%
Dairy 18%   Snacks/Single Serve 45%
Gifts/Souvenirs 55%   Soft Drinks/Water 33%
Grocery (frozen) 35%   Tobacco 25%
Grocery (shelf-stable) 30%   Toys 50%