KOA Supplier Logo Use Guidelines

At KOA we pride ourselves on our Brand and our Brand Recognition.  To ensure our brand and logos are represented correctly we have implemented a new usage policy.

To utilize our KOA Logo, approved suppliers must have completed the following steps.

1.) Supplier must be a KOA approved supplier.

2.) Supplier must sign our yearly KOA logo use contract.

3.) Supplier must submit payment for logo use each year prior to utilizing our logo.

If you are a distributor utilizing multiples vendors for  KOA logo’d products, you as the distributor, are responsible for the fees and usage agreement associated with logo usage.

4.) Any supplier/vendor seeking to use any KOA logos must sign KOA’s trademark license agreement.

5.) All items with our logo must be submitted for review prior to production to koasupplier@koa.net for operational items and retailsupplier@koa.com for retail items.

Please note:  The KOA “teepee” logo is owned by Kampgrounds of America, Inc.  Use of the KOA logo, image, or brand is prohibited on any products or marketing material without the consent of Kampgrounds of America, Inc.  KOA campgrounds cannot authorize the use of the KOA logo in any design for print, products, or digital media.  Approval must be done through KOA corporate office.  Additional information about KOA logo use may be requested.  KOA logo use is NOT allowed by vendors which are not KOA Approved.

Please reach out to the koasupplier@koa.net for operational items and retailsupplier@koa.com for retail items  if you would like to utilize our KOA logo.